Digital Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

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This digital tyre tread depth gauge is an essential device for checking the tyre tread depth on the tyre of a car. The digital gauge features a digital display screen, so tread depth results can be viewed instantly. The lightweight durable design ensures that the tread depth gauge can be used in a number of environments due to its portability.

Digital tyre tread depth gauges are highly versatile and take the guesswork out of checking the tyre tread depth, as the machine will automatically check and display the results on the digital display screen.

Digital depth gauges are highly accurate and easy to use, making them an ideal item for checking the tread depth. The legal limit and minimum tyre tread depth are a constant 1.6 mm around the central three-quarters of the tyre.


• Auto power off after 4 minutes to preserve battery life
• Digital display screen to quickly display results accurately
• Range: 0-25 mm / 1"
• Portable to be used on the go
• Range: 0-25 mm / 1"