Double Bubble Layered Plastic Shot and Chaser Glasses (Pack of 6) by Quaffer

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The latest drinking craze!

This double bubble plastic shot glass, is a shot glass with a built-in chaser. It measures 50ml on bottom and 25ml on top. The shape of the glass (and science) allows most liquors to sit conveniently on top of the chaser until consumed. This provides for the smoothest shot ever as well as endless combinations of delicious shot recipes. The last thing you taste is the chaser!

  • Shape of plastic shot glass means you can serve perfect measurements every time. 
  • Unique tasting experience!
  • Last thing you taste is the chaser so no more squinting after drinking or shivers down your spine.
  • They look GREAT!
  • Easily washable and reusable. Warm or hot water and rinse - Do not wash in dishwasher.
  • Made from plastic so no need to worry about your messy mates breaking them.
  • Works with most alcohols.