Electric Ear Cleaner

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No more cotton swabs!

This reusable ear cleaner is more safe and useful, also more environmentally friendly.
Very soft silicone heads that are easy to clean and easy to replace to ensure proper insertion depth for the user.
More efficient operation than cotton swabs. Safe and comfortable.
Easy to operate: just insert two AAA batteries (not included), insert a suitable screw head, click on the switch to use and let the device slowly extract any excess ear wax.
Automatic cleaning: no need to manually rotate the screw head. As long as the button is held down, it will slowly rotate in the ear canal and remove any earwax.


3 differently sized ear was extractor tips
1 Massage tip
1 cleaning brush
1 protector cover
1 ear cleaning device

Available in Pink or Black

Material: silicone and plastic.
Size: 13.1 x 3.3 x 3.3 cm.
Power Source : 2 AAA Batteries (NOT included in packing).