Expanding Mega Hose

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The Mega Hose is a revolution in garden hoses. Stop wrestling with your old heavy, tangled garden hose that kinks and snags on everything!

Using an innovative expanding inner core and a super-durable outer flexible skin, this hose will start small but grow to over 3x its length when you turn on the water! Then it shrinks back to its original size so you can pack it away in a drawer or car boot.

It never kinks and never tangles. Mega Hose slides around trees and other obstacles and provides full water pressure all the time, wherever you take it. 

2 Sizes to Choose from
7.5m (25ft)
15m (50ft)

Key Features:

  • Expands to over 3x its original size
  • Grows when you turn on the tap
  • Shrinks back again when you turn off the water
  • Will never kink or tangle
  • Highly durable outer skin
  • Elasticated inner core for strength
  • Won’t take up space in your garden or garage – fits easily in a drawer or car boot
  • Water pressure is always full at the outlet
  • No need for reels and spools

NOTE: Hose does not come with Gun, their is an option to purchase the gun separate