Extendable Ice Brush and Scraper

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The snow scraper is a combination of scraper and brush: scraper on one side and brush on the other. It's designed slim and lightweight, can definitely help you to clean all snow on windows of your cars or your house!

The snow scraper and brush is foldable. It allows a long reach as it can be folded up to 42.2/65cm. You can set it at any length to meet your need
Loosen the bar in clockwise direction then tighten it by screwing it in the opposite direction. In this way you can easily fold the scraper to any length you need. Cut through ice with scraper then wipe all ice and snow away, making the cleaning much easier and more effective! There is also a snow leading hole on the scraper for better scraping.
Durable for Longer Using: The snow scraper is designed sturdy, durable and can resist cold weather. Made of aluminium alloy and with high-quality brush, it can be used for a longer time than other scraper in the market!
The durable and foldable scraper is suitable for any cars, SUVs and trucks and won't hurt your cars. You can also clean the snow on your windows.

(42.2 - 65cm)×8.5×3cm

Material Aluminium