Green Haven Citronella Lantern and Lamp oil

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Green Haven CITRONELLA OIL – Green Haven citronella lamp & torch oil is perfect from topping up your lantern torch to using it for your garden burners.
NATURAL EXTRACTS - Based on natural citronella extracts, this lamp oil is 100% natural. It is suitable for all types of wicks. This also means that it is smokeless.
INSECT REPELLENT – This torch and lamp oil has been proven to repel and keep small biting insects away.
PREMIUM BURN – Made from high quality natural extracts this lantern and torch oil give a pure burn flame. This oil product is produced from a very high-quality n-paraffin.
SAFETY - Suitable for all types of oil lamps and oil burning candles. Follow the instructions of oil lamp manufacturer where possible. Do not over fill. Allow 5 minutes for wick to absorb oil before lighting. Observation of the flame is extremely important as a high flame will cause smoke or soot deposits - adjust wick if necessary. Never leave burning lamps unattended!