Grow Your Own Dinosaur Hatching Egg

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  • Give your little dino-fanatic the chance to crack on and grow their very own dinosaur kingdom at home, with this hatching dinosaur egg! Simply pop the eggs in water and watch as cracks magically begin to appear in the shell… Finally, after 48 hours the dinosaur will hatch! Plus, with this pack of two, your new baby dinosaur will have a friend - no-one wants a lonely dino. Your child will love the excitement of looking after their eggs, waiting for the magical moment that their new toy hatches.


  • Get a hatching dinosaur egg.
  • Place the eggs in water, and watch with anticipation as cracks begin to appear!
  • In just 48 hours the dinosaurs will come to life.
  • Enjoy the excitement as your little one waits for their dinosaur to ‘hatch’!
  • Your child can create their own dino-kingdom.
  • A cracking toy suitable for ages three and over.