Heavy Duty Steel Wire BBQ Cleaning Brush

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Effective And Strong Grill Brush. It Is Ideal For Any Types Of Grills. It Is A Perfect Tool For BBQ Fans.The Brush Can Help You To Clean The Surface And Any Angle. 3 Brushes In 1 Head Design, Allow You To Remove Dirt Faster And Cleaner. So This One Will Be Your Great And Convenient Grill Cleaning Tool And Helper.
 The Strengthened Bristles Allow For Easy Dirt Removal Without Damaging Or Scratching Porcelain ,Ceramic ,Cast iron Or Stainless Steel Grills.
The Best Length For A Grill Brush. Long Enough That Your Hand Wont Get Burnt, But Short Enough That You Retain Excellent Leverage And Control While Cleaning Your Grate.

1. 3 brushes in 1 head design, fast and convenient to clean grates.
2. Strengthened steel wire, easy to remove dirt without damaging or scratching.
3. Long handle, can clean at any angle while also protecting hands.
4. PP Handle + Steel Wire
5. Size: 45.7cm * 7cm * 16 cm (Brush head covers an area of: 7*6cm)