High-Speed 3-Port 5.1-Amp USB Car Charger

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Charge any device at full speed with this high-output 5.1 Amp 3-port USB car charger. With the 5.1a capacity, you can charge up to three devices at the same time without sacrificing charging speeds. Many tablets draw 2 amps and phones around 1 amp; this means you could charge a couple of tablets and a phone all at the same time. Perfect for road trips and families with multiple devices that need constant charging.
  • Charge up to three mobile devices at once
  • For any mobile device supporting up to 2.1-amp output
  • Up to 5.1-amp total output (2.1A + 2.0A + 1.0A)
  • USB port one: 2.1-amp output for iPads
  • USB port two: 2.0-amp output for Android devices
  • USB port three: 1.0-amp output for iPhones
  • Futuristic design matches the flying cars we should get soon
  • Red LED indicator light
  • Input: DC 12–18v