Ice Grips

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Transform your most comfortable winter shoes into your most practical.
These Ice Grips are slip-proof grips that will fit over any shoes or boots, to give added protection, stability and traction in the snow and ice.
A one-piece rubber sleeve with 10 studs and a grippy texture, it's easy to fit over your walking shoes, and lightweight and compact enough to store anywhere.
Useful for any slippery situations, the Grippers give you instant grip that you can easily remove in better conditions, or if you need to go indoors.
SMALL:     SHOE SIZE 2 - 5 (Euro 35 - 38)
MEDIUM:   SHOE SIZE 6 - 8 (Euro 39 - 41)
LARGE:     SHOE SIZE 9 - 11 (Euro 42 - 44)
XLARGE:   SHOE SIZE 11 - 13 (Euro 45 - 48)
These sizes are to be used as a guide only. If you are wearing heavy outdoor footwear or hiking boots, you may need to select one size up from your normal shoe size.
Note: while the Gripper gives added stability when walking on ice and snow, it does not guarantee complete safety. Caution should always be exercised when walking on any slippery surface.