Icicle Rain Drop Solar Outdoor String Lights

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SOLAR POWERED- It Costs Virtually Nothing To Operate, As It Doesn't Rely On Electricity From Your Home. No Electrician Needed. Drill One Hole. Install One Screw. Hang Up Your Light. The Ideal Mounting Place Is Facing The Best Sun Of The Day. But If Your Light Is Mounted In An Area That Doesn't Get Enough Sun To Charge, Just Take It Down And Place It In The Sun. It Will Charge During The Day And Be Ready For Another Two Or More Days After That;
FULLY WEATHERPROOF, DURABLE FOR YEARS OF USE- This Light Is Waterproof And Heatproof, Making It A Great Choice For Any Sun-Lit Location. Bright LED Bulbs;
STRONG AND DURABLE-Made from wire and Acrylic these lights will not rust and to ensure the life and brightness of the light please clean solar panel regularly;
POWER COSUMPTION-Lasts up to 8 hours on a full days charge;
FEATURES- 20 Multi-colour LED lights the wire is flexible and Can Be Moulded Around Trees Fences And Bushes,Has 8 light modes of solid lights and flashing light