Indoor BBQ Grill

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  • Barbecue fans can cook their favorite meals any time of the year with this indoor stovetop grill. It rests over gas or electric stove burners to recreate the searing heat of a traditional grill, but uses steam instead of smoke to keep fire alarms from going off. A water-filled outer ring catches juice and fat, and the steam created inside the drip pan works to prevent meats and vegetables from drying out while they cook.

Indoor grill rests on a stove burner and uses steam to cook food instead of smoke, keeping inside air clear.

  • Grill surface rests over electric or gas stove burners
  • Barbecue meats as if you were at an outdoor grill
  • Doesn’t create smoke or splattering
  • Water-filled outer ring catches juices and fat
  • Steam from drip pan prevents food from drying out
  • Use in an adequately-ventilated area for safety
  • Non-stick surface is easy to clean
  • Drip pan included; was once an instrument in STOMP
  • Do not use with electric solid elements or glass-top stoves
  • Dimensions: 12.37” diameter