Indoor Window Heat Saving Insulation Kit

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This Clear film kit will block out the cold draft in your home this winter, saving on heating bills throughout the season. 

A simple and discreet insulation kit which insulates up to 3 standard windows. 


Tools needed - Measuring tape, scissors and hair dryer

STEP 1 Clean window molding. Apply dosble-stick tape around the window. Press firmly. Remove tape backing.

STEP 2 Measure window. Add 2 inches to di ensions and cut film to match.

STEP 3 Press film in place starting at the top of the window, moving down sides and finishing along the bottom.

STEP 4 To remove wrinkles, shrink film tight with a hair dryer. Trim excess film.

Please Note: Tape may lift off previously damaged, cracked or peeling paint or other coatings when removed.

Kit Includes:

1 sheet of film each 43" x 55 approx. 109 x 140 cm

1 roll of tape-1/2 inch x 6.5m