InterFuse Fruit Infusion Juicer Infusing Infuser Water Bottle Sports

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Babz InterFuse Bottle

Get fit with this brilliant fruit water bottles.
Simply put slices of fruit in the holder and pour water into the bottle.
Then simply let the fruit infuse the water and drink away.

700ml Capacity
Tritan Material
Comes with Drinking spout to drink whilst on the go

The original Babz InterFuse is the last water bottle you will ever need.
Easy Steps to use our InterFuse bottle
1) Simply add fruit into the filter, then add water.
2) Put fruit in the bottom compartment and use the built in juicer to press down on the fruit to extract all the contents of the fruit.
3) Screw the bottom onto the bottle and make sure it is sealed tight, then shake the bottle.
3) Then simply start drinking and stay healthy.

Advise: We advise if putting fruit in the infuser, allow a few hours before drinking to ensure the water is infused.