It's Alive! Smart Thinking Putty

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Made for Fingers of Creative Thinkers.

It's Alive! Smart thinking putty is perfect for the fingers of creative thinkers.

The smart putty can be pulled, stretched and bounced to provide hours of fun. 

It is designed to never dry out in the tin, allowing you to use it multiple times.

It also provides therapeutic stress relief, so it is great for those idle hands!


Featuring a glittery appearance, this thinking putty makes a fantastic gift for children.

Colour Change Heat Sensitive:

Featuring a clever heat sensitive design, this putty will change colour depending on how warm or cool it is.

Glow in the Dark:

Featuring a glow in the dark design, simply charge this putty up under bright light and watch as it glows! Presented in a tin box, this putty makes a great gift for kids.