Jibber Jabber / Jibber Jabber Junior Game

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Friends separate into  two teams. One team member has to wear a strange plastic device in their mouth that stretches their mouth wide open.

The device wearer takes a “phrase” card which usually consists of 4-6 words and attempts to repeat the words to his team members who must try to work out what the words are while a 60 second timer is running.

Hand movements are allowed but not miming.

The game is extremely frustrating and the mouth device prevents the wearer from saying the words properly in fact most of what comes out of the wearer’s mouth is Jibber Jabber.

The team wins who, over a given number of attempts have guessed the most phrases being Jibber Jabbered to them by their team mate!



216 Phrase Cards

6 Mouthpieces

60 second timer


Extra Mouthpieces:

4 Pack booster mouthpieces for the Jibber Jabber game.

2x Large

2x Medium


Jibber Jabber Junior


216 Phrase Cards

6 Kids size Mouthpieces

60 second timer