Kids Projector Torches

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The projector torches have 24 images and more vivid colours .Just twist the lens head to focus and let your child enter the magical worlds.

Just replace the slide by pulling the plastic cover,then inserting the selected disc and rotating or adjusting the disc to observe the projected image; and the size is very suitable for the child to grasp, easy to carry, can be used as a torch, give children a sense of security at night!

The lens can be focused, and the projected images at different distances will look different, which is amazing! Learning while playing and stimulate the child's curiosity and imagination.

It is recommended to use a dark room with a projection distance of 50-150 cm to create clear and precise images

Made of high quality ABS environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, and the smooth edges will not harm the children's small hands.

(AA Batteries are not included)

Dimensions: 13 x 3.5 cm