Knee-High Sports Compression Socks - 3 Pack

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Compression socks aim to relieve sore muscles and improve blood circulation, making them a great choice for athletes

Pain-relieving compression socks
Can relieve tired feet and legs
Aim to reduce swelling and enhance blood circulation
Anti-microbial properties designed to eliminate bad odours and fungal infections
Breathable material
Reduces moisture

Materials: 92% nylon, 8% lycra

S–M: 4–7 (37-40EU) (women), 4–8 (37-42EU) (men)
L-XL: 8–11 (42-46EU) (women), 8.5–12 (42.5-47EU) (men)

Socks Dimensions:

S/M: 34CM

L/XL: 37CM