Laverne Hair Elastic Holder Bracelet

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Dress up that dingy hair tie with the stunning Laverne Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet. Available in silver, gold or rose gold plated Elastic Holder Cuff.

Simply place the Laverne cuff on your wrist, twist the thin hair tie once and fit it over the wing hooks. Now the hair tie is tightly secured to the Laverne bracelet. Go throughout the day worry-free thanks to the Laverne Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet. The elastic hair tie will be there waiting when you need it. This Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet is perfect for the woman on the go.


1x Laverne Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet

1x Black Hair Tie

1x Storage Pouch

Approximate Size: Inner Diameter: 65cm

The Elastic Holder Cuff holds 1 thin hair tie.