LED Flashlight Glove

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Humanized hands-free lighting design, fingerless glove with 2 LED lights on index finger and thumb. No more struggling in the darkness to find lighting or getting frustrated holding a flash-light while work on something that requires both hands.
Can be used for many activities during night time or in the darkness such as car repairing, fishing, camping, hunting, patrol, cycling, plumbing, etc.
Made of high quality durable elastic fabric material and breathable sticky back hook that’s light weight. Can be stretched to fit different hand sizes for a comfortable wear with very little sense of restraint.
LED lights turns on and off by pressing the white button, powered by 2 x CR2016 button batteries (included) that can be replaced easily by loosen the screw with a screwdriver to open the battery cover.


Material ABS and Cotton


Approximately 37x13cm