Magnetic DIY Handyman Wristbands Holding Tools,Screws,Nails,Bolts, Drill Bits and Small tool

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The magnetic wristband is a necessary tool for both the professional and the average person.It's perfect for home improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repair, and many other DIY projects. It's also great for fixing ceiling fans, recessed lighting, HVAC systems, electronic repair, model building, hobbyists, scrapbooking, sewing, gardening, and much more!

No more going to the toolbox or searching your pockets. No more headaches from losing or dropping screws, nails, bolts, washers, pins, needles, drill bits, fasteners, and small tools.make work easier and more fun!
  • 2 Super Strong Magnets
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap - one size fits most
  • Soft mesh inner layer for improved breathability
  • Durable Nylon Exterior
  • Light weight (only 60g)
  • Saves time and energy when working around the house or as a profession
  • Can hold nails, screws, nuts bolts and even most tools
  • The band can hold approximately 450g