Metatarsal Insole Pads

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Using super soft gel foot pads to reduce pressure on the toes and metatarsal, provide maximum comfort for the sensitive tissues of your foot, reduce the shock of walking in heels and relieve the foot pain ball quickly and effectively

Made of durable, soft and safe medical grade silicone gel, has high elasticity and flexibility, long use will not deform
The forefoot cushions respect the shape of the human foot that helps hold the ball of your foot in place and prevents your foot from sliding forward
Fits any type of shoe with heel height of 2 cm or more, such as Stiletto Heels, Wedge Boots, Pumps, Shoes or Heeled Sandals, Ankle Boots

Material: silicone and velvet surface, self-adhesive
Size: One Size
Length: 4.4 "
Width: 2.7 "
Thickness: 0.14" / 0.19 "
Applicable: Pumps, Shoes, Stiletto Heels etc.

  1. It is recommended to use them inside the looser fitting shoes to avoid causing foot discomfort due to compression.
    2. You may need to take some time to adjust the position until you feel comfortable. Once you have positioned it correctly, it will be very convenient for you to wear high heels.
    3. They can be transferable and reusable and the viscosity will be higher after washing.