Mighty Tug Dog Toy

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  1. Suction Cup – This suction cup gives an adequate resistance for your dog to pull on. It can be easily attached to the floor or glass to fix the toy. It won’t budge nor move no matter how strong your dog tugs it.
  2. Bouncy Ball – This ball is flexible enough to withstand the strong biting force of your dog for heavy tugging for hours.

CLEANS TEETH – The ball’s unique design is created to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth as he/she bites and plays on it, thus preventing dental diseases in the future.

GREAT FOR TEETHING PUPS – Teething and aggressive pups will enjoy using their energy on something other than your belongings, so you can be at peace knowing your things are safe

Made with TPR and non-toxic polymer materials which are guaranteed safe for your dog to bite and use

Simply stick on a smooth surface and it’s good to go! Your dog will have no idea why it won’t come off!

Material: TPR Rubber + Cotton Fiber Rope.

20cm x 15cm x 10cm 240g

Suction Diameter: 10cm

Ball Diameter: 6cm