Mini Blackhead Vacuum

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Mini Electronic Blackhead Vacuum

Light weight and compact to put in your cosmetic bag, use anytime and anywhere. Great for travailing and for general use.

Minimizes the appearance of large pores and helps to remove dirt that causes acne & blackheads.

Removes excess oil and dirt to create smoother and cleaner looking skin.

Easy to clean, simple to operate, portable for home or travel use.

Improves skin tone and pore appearance.

Essential facial care tool.

Powered by 1x AA batteries (not included)

Size: 100 * 50 * 50mm

Step 1

Clean your face with warm water or use the Mini Blackhead Vacuum after you have had a shower/bath. Please ensure there is no make-up on your face.

Step 2

Wash your hands and the nozzle of the suction gun with antibacterial soap. It is important that your hands and the Mini Blackhead Vacuum are clean.

Step 3

Centre the nozzle of the vacuum over the affected pore. You should be able to see the blackhead through the clear nozzle. Hold without pressing downward, and then switch the suction on. You should feel a slight pulling sensation on your skin.

·         The oval side of the suction cup is only for the nose

·         The “T” side of the suction cup is only for the forehead and jaw/chin area.

Step 4

Slide the Mini Blackhead Vacuum over the area you wish to vacuum. Creating a T or a X over the area will give you the best results.

Step 5

After the advised time for the ear you are working on remove the Mini Blackhead Vacuum. To do this turn off the device and pull away from the skin at an angle

Step 6

Wash your face and hands with antibacterial soap once you have finished using the Mini Blackhead Vacuum.