Niftii Spider Catcher

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  • Niftii Spider Catcher
  • NIFTII SPIDER CATCHER – The NIFTII spider catcher easily removes spiders, butterflies, moths, and crane flies without harming them.
  • EXTRA LONG HANDLE – Designed and fitted with a 65cm long arm to keep you at a safe distance from any spider or insect.
  • HUMANE SPIDER CATCHER – An innovative way to catch spiders safely without killing or harming them! Simply catch them and let them go in the wild.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply squeeze the trigger to open the bottom catcher, put it over the spider and let go of the trigger and you will have one caught insect.
  • EFFICIENT AND CALMING – The perfect tool for those with phobias, arachnophobes, nature lovers, spider lovers, camping & outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Item dimensions: 66 x 14 x 6 centimetres