Octopus Fidget Pop It Spinner Toy

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The new push bubble toy uses clamshell octopus design, octopus spinner can work for a long time, and the rotating bearing will not make a sound. This popular octopus fingertip toy can not only be used as a octopus reversible toy, but also can effectively relieve anxiety and stress, and help restore mood.

Press soft and colourful button of the pop spinner, it has comfortable touch, promote tactile stimulation. fidget popper ​can relieve people’s stress, release anxiety, rehabilitate your mood, rest your brain and get rid of boredom during the daily life. The popping fidget toy suitable for those suffering from ADHD, autism, anxiety, etc.

The colourful simple sensory hand toys are made of high quality silicone , with a smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons, durable, not easy to damage and reusable. Children are easy to play pop fidget toy. Kids have a good time to play without worries.

The octopus fidget spinner toys has new functions. It can be used as a expressive spinner, a popular irritable toy, a push pop bubble fidget sensory toy. It also can change different faces. It can definitely become a popular multiple toy that children are reluctant to let go.

Small in size, light in weight, Easy to use and carry it to anywhere, such as schools, offices, trips, etc. You can easily put fidget spinner into your pocket, handbag and purse. It can be given to your children or friends as a holiday gift. Great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, parties, etc.

Material: ABS Plastic

Dimension: 9 x 4cm