Oven & Microwave Silicone Food Covers (4 Pack)

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  • Reusable and adjustable lids
  • Airtight and odourless
  • Helps to keep food fresh for longer
  • Stretch to fit all shapes and sizes of bowls, cups, mugs, and other containers
  • Economical alternative to aluminium foil and cellophane
  • Easy to clean - simply rinse with warm water and soap
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all materials including glass, stoneware, pyrex and metal
  • Microwaveable Max temp 100°C at 10 minutes
  • Can be used int the Oven up to 220°C
  • Set includes
    • Small lid: 10cm x 10cm
    • Two medium lids: 15cm x 15cm
    • Large lid: 20cm x 20cm