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Patio Umbrella Lights


How many times have you found yourself sitting around the patio table on a hot day, shielded by the umbrella, only to call it a night when the sun goes down? Or maybe you have a big flood light which wastes a huge amount of electricity. This is a wonderful alternative to both of those scenarios.
  • NEW AND IMPROVED POLE CLIPS - Thicker inner clips for extra strength.
  • 33 FOOT LIGHTING AREA - At its peak height, this Umbrella Light can cover an area of 33 feet in diameter.
  • RUNS ON 3 x AA BATTERIES - Commonly available batteries which can be purchased anywhere. 
  • VERY LIGHT WEIGHT - This unit does not add any unnecessary weight to your Patio Umbrella.
  • COOL WHITE TEMPERATURE (CCT) - This light color gives off a cooler perception than Warm White or Natural White which is perfect in summer months. This temperature light also reduces the likelihood of insect attraction (as compared to lanterns and torches).
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