Perma-Frost Hydration Bottle

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BPA-free Permafrost water bottles hold refreezable built-in gel packs between impact-resistant double walls

A refreezable built-in gel pack is held between the impact-resistant double walls of this BPA-free water bottle. Before filling the bottle with water, iced tea, or juices, users simply stow it in the freezer for about an hour. In that short time, the gel pack can absorb sufficient chill to keep beverages refreshing for hours to come. A silicone sport lid with a flip-top straw and a carry handle make portable sipping easy, and the interior holds a full 20 fluid ounces, letting you take your full dose of Polyjuice potion instead of watering it down with ice cubes.


  • Permafrost 20 fl. oz. water bottles
  • Impact-resistant double wall
  • Refreezable built-in gel packs cradled between double walls
  • Silicone sport lid with flip-top straw and carry handle
  • BPA-free and safe for holding food or genies