Perspirex High-Performance Anti-Perspirants

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Perspirex is a range of high-performance antiperspirants specifically formulated for those who need extra protection against sweating and body odour.

Clinically proven to provide strong and long-lasting protection, Perspirex has provided life-changing protection to millions of people worldwide.


Perspirex Comfort

  • An extra effective formulation that is gentle on underarm skin.
  • Contains a unique skin kind system to minimise irritation - Cpx (the buffer system)
  • Kinder on skin

Perspirex Original

  • THE original formulation with over 30 years of heritage
  • Contains a unique skin kind system to reduce irritation – Apx (the buffer system)
  • The most effective product on the market that also contains an anti-irritation system

Perspirex Strong

  • No product on the market offers greater sweat protection!
  • Unbeatable protection against sweat and odour
  • Does not contain the skin buffer