Portable USB Insect Repellent

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Indoor ultrasonic pest repeller, which can act on the auditory and nervous systems of rats, mice and insects, makes them uncomfortable and uncomfortable and forces them to leave your home. Outdoor pests and insects will never come back.

It uses frequency sweep high-frequency ultrasonic circuit to produce 20~30KHZ sweep ultrasonic wave. 
Can be used in your home, warehouse, store, hotel, hospital, office, machine room, garden, hotel, grain depot and so on.

Portable USB Insect Repellent
4 hours working time,
0 Chemicals

Rrange of 60-80 square meters. For best results, it is recommended to use one unit per room because solids such as walls, furniture, etc. will impair the effect of ultrasound.

Size: 90*58*30mm
Weight: About 40g
Material: ABS
Scope of use: 60-80 square meters
Power supply mode: USB charging, lithium battery power supply
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Endurance: 4 hours