Pro Hair Shower Head

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Instant adjustable water flow control - once the water is turned on, simply squeeze the thumb lever to release water and let go to stop! For a gentler flow apply less pressure on the lever and/or turn the water down.
No need to turn the water on & off mid washing or- keeps your hands free for rinsing/shampooing!
No need to go through the lengthy procedure of finding the optimal temperature.
Perfect for both homes and salons that run out of (hot)water.
Perfect for salon and home use as great for rinsing perms / colour / shampoo and getting closer to the hairline.
Comes with an integrated back flow prevention device - prevents contamination of your water system if for example the shower head is dropped into bath water. Please note this product is NOT suitable for: electric or pumped showers, and not suitable for use with rubber push on hoses.
This Water Control Shower Head is also great for bathing pets without soaking yourself and the bathroom. Easily shampoo your pets without needing to reset the temperature or turning the tap on and off.

Dimensions 7*13*3.5CM

Material: Stainless Steel

Contents: Shower Head only