Professor Pengelly's Thinking Putty or Magnetic Putty

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Made for Fingers of Creative Thinkers.

Professor Pengelly's Thinking Putty

Professor Pengelly's thinking putty is perfect for the fingers of creative thinkers.

It is designed to never dry out in the tin, allowing you to use it multiple times.

It also provides scientific stress relief, so it is great for those idle hands!


Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Putty.

Guarantee hours and hours of wacky fun with Professor Pengelly's Magnetic Putty.

Coming to life and appearing to move on its own when a magnet is near, you can experiment with hundreds of shapes and textures.

Depending on the strength of the magnet, the putty can be made bouncy, bendy, stretchy and even hard. The stronger the magnet, the more impressively and weirdly the putty reacts!

It comes with a small cube magnet to get you started, as well as a metal storage tub to keep the putty in when not in use.

Please note Unicorn and Glow in the Dark are NOT magnetic.

88g Tub