Retractable Claw Drain Pickup Tool

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  • Extendable & retractable narrow telescopic grabber arm rod, hair catcher, and trash picker for long range bended pick-ups into the hardest corners, areas, angels & channels, with maximum mechanical control.
  • SPECS: 7cm Red Grip - 6cm  Handle Spring - 85cm Spring Loaded Cable – Shaft is approximately 2cm Diameters at widest point - Claws/Prongs extends out 2.5cm and spreads 2.5cm – Lifts materials up to 450g.
  • DESIGN: Flexible & bendable wound-steel spring loaded cable with easy comfortable grip handle on top, with heavy duty steel spring and retractable claws on the bottom, makes this grabber tool accessible to all hard to reach narrow bended places and makes easy retrieval of small and non-ferrous objects that magnets cannot.
  • QUALITY: Hard non-breakable Red Plastic handle, with Super Sturdy Steel Spring which doesn’t get rusty or stuck when pressing down, and Long Range Flexible Wound-Steel Constructed Cable, &  steel claw for insured pick up - rust resistance for a long lasting life – Not Magnetic.
  • USE FOR: Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, utility sinks, bathtubs and shower Drain Cleaning - Handy Tool to grab any item, trash, or lost object under Stove, Freezer/Frigidaire, car, appliances, furniture or any other place which is hard to get access to like a Dryer Vent – the Perfect Plumbing Tool to resolve Slow or Clogged Drains.

85cm length


35cm L, 25cm W, 2.5cm

Stainless Steel