Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pack - With Compress Wrap for Fast Pain Relief

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Hot/Cold Therapy Solution for Pain Relief
Shoulder, Elbow, Knee Ankle etc
Target pain from a sports injury
Soothe everyday aches and pains
Maintain flexibility in stiff joints
Promote healing of long-term complaints
Boost recovery post-operation

Gel Pack: 23*13 (250g)
Pouch: 32.5*14cm
Elasticated Strap: 42*7cm

Safety Information:
Do Not Consume. Do not store in direct sunlight. Children to be supervised by an adult Do not puncture pack

Freezing: 1 hour in freezer (optimum). Can be stored in the freezer but will require 5 mins to thaw upon removal. Heating: Place in microwave (600W) for 30 secs (initial) if the gel pack is at room temperature, 1 minute if frozen. Hot water can be used. Bring the water to boil and immerse for 4-10 minutes (remove using tongs).