Santa Gift Sacks

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When sleepy eyes begin to open on a frosty Christmas morning, watch them fill with delight as they see that Santa has been and left this Santa Sack filled with gifts. Perfect for even the biggest of kids, this sack has been professionally printed with the phrases ‘Overnight Delivery,’ and ‘For good little girls & boys only’ so the receiver knows they are very special.

The sack measures 70 x 50cm so can be stuffed full with even some of the biggest festive gifts! Santa can write the recipient so there is no confusion when it’s time to unwrap! This all-natural, strong sack is sure to contain all the wonderful gifts and present beautifully to someone very lucky on Christmas day!

  • Dimensions: 70 x 50cm 
  • Ideal for containing all the festive gifts ready to be unwrapped on Christmas Day!