Sauna Tank Tops

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  • Suna Tank top helps burning more Calorie for your belly and waist, feeling your belly fat burning every second with it. Get rid of abdominal fat quickly.
  • Effectively provide support for you love handles, this Men Slimming Vest help you correct the posture, and strengthen Muscle Building, increase Cardio Endurance, exercise Core Strength. Make you more powerful.
  • Making you sweat crazy with the neoprene material which keeps your body warm and burns excess calories in your body.
  • Made from Neoprene 


Size      Chest      Waist      Length     Lower Hem

S             80           76            52             78

M            82           78            52             80    

L             84           80            52             82

XL           86           82            55             84

XXL        88            84            55             86