Self Adhesive Foam Tape

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Cracks and gaps around windows and doors can cause drafts to come into your house, leading to high costs of temperature control. Also, dust and noise go through the gaps will be a big problem. One-side-adhesive Foam Tape is a good solution for that: this easy and affordable product that can be used all year round; it can block air circulation, therefore reduce heating and cooling costs.

Ideal for:

  • Weather Proof
  • Sound Proof
  • Wind Proof
  • Keep Dust & Unwanted Things Out
  • Anti-collision
  • Anti-slip
  1. Sealing up High quality material - Safe material, self-adhesive and non-toxic, good for family using
  2. Excellent performance - High resilience, not easily distort, durable and flexible
  3. Strong adhesive - Waterproof and non-purifying, adhere firmly, suitable for all kinds of glass, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, etc
  4. Easy installation - Two steps: 1. peel off the backing film 2. attach to the needed place

Dimensions available: 

  • 6mmx3mm - 5M
  • 12mmx1.5mm - 10M
  • 12mmx10mm - 2M
  • 12mmx12mm - 2M
  • 20mmx3mm - 2M
  • 20mmx8mm - 2M
  • 20mmx10mm - 2M