Self Heating Lower Back Support

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Soothe and support your tired, aching back with the lumbar pain-relief belt that aligns, massages and heats your back and core. Wear during everyday chores and activities, and intense sports or workouts, to protect your back and feel blessedly pain-free.
Using tourmaline stones and permanent bread magnets, the belt gives you a warm chemical-free massage - using your own body heat to heal and relax you. The permanent magnets provide therapeutic healing benefits and fortifying properties.
Wear our belt at work, home or the gym without anyone seeing it. Designed to be slim and light, it works neatly beneath your clothes without revealing a single bump or bunch. With dual adjustable straps and strong Velcro grip, our brace stays securely in place as you do the most vigorous of activities. Made from breathable, elastic fabrics, you’ll never sweat or feel restricted by your lumbar pain-relief belt.
High quality elastic nylon stretches for a perfect, flush fit with Velcro adjustments and comfortable elasticity. High quality, Nano composite, elastic, fish-silk-cloth woven with fine texture making it soft to the touch.
Wear the brace over a thin tank top or under-shirt instead of directly on your skin. Do not wear for longer than 1 - 3 hours at a time. This helps you get the heat and healing you need while taking care of your skin.This product has self-heating physiotherapy function, it is recommended to wear on the clothes, to prevent heat burns the skin

- 20 powerful self-heating tourmaline magnets designed inside the belt (12pcs at the back and 8pcs at the front), can help to
relieve pain associated with joint and back problems by increasing blood flow to the area.
- The belt is made of high quality neoprene with elastic side panels with 2 fully adjustable Velcro fastening straps on both sides,
for easy and comfortable to use.

1. Pregnant women and children please do not use this product.
2. Please stop using if you have a high fever or damaged skin.
3. Not recommended for people with skin allergies or skin temperature sensory disturbance.
4. Patients with acute soft tissue impairment, please do not use.
5. Please use with caution under the guidance of doctors: Patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other disease.

Maintenance Instruction:
1. Keep in a dry ventilated place.
2. Keep away from direct sunshine.
3. Keep clean.
4. Avoid ironing.
5. Do not immerse for a long time.
6. Clean the surface with a wet cloth and gently rub.
7. Keep away from ore iodide products magnetic fields in case of magnetization
8.This product has self-heating physiotherapy function, it is recommended to wear on the clothes, to prevent heat burns the skin

Material; Rubber, Polyester and Spandex

                      Length           Waist

Medium          105cm         60-77cm

Large              110cm         78-90cm

XL                   115cm        91-117cm