Self Heating Neck Support

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  •  With 5 Healing Magnets
    A super adjustable perfect fitting magnetic neck wrap will help relieve pain and stiffness. Made of a therapuetic neoprene blend, it has 5 magnets,  exactly placed to give healing results. The wrap is easy to use and helps hold in body heat for added comfort.

  • The Magnets neck wrap/support is a soft comfortable neoprene which consists of a neck band which comfortably adjust to fit around the neck and one magnetic patch. You insert into the neck band the magnetic patch which provides magnetic therapy for the neck and upper spine. 

    Magnete will help to increase the blood flow and in turn improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients into  the muscle and tissue which will help to neutralize the chemical imbalance occurring which is the cause of most pain and discomfort.

    The material is a soft but durable poly/cotton blend and fastens with velcro. One size will fit all neck sizes. The wrap is washable (handwash) in warm soapy water and can be used as long as is needed.

    General Description and Review of Magnetic Therapy
    Magnetic therapy is used widely by those seeking effective natural solutions to enhance healing and reduce pain. Though in early stages of testing in the US, a report published by the American Journal of Pain Management noted that magnets sewn into socks alleviated the chronic pain of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a form of nerve deterioration caused by diabetes. Additionally, a double blind study at the Techion-Isreal Institute of Technology demonstrated that magnetic stimulation of the brain can ease severe depression, a disorder that affects over 10 million Americans and countless worldwide. Research at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston indicated that magnetic therapy could provide significant relief for pain from post polio syndrome.

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    How Magnetic Therapy Works
    Magnetic energy increases the blood flow to the area, increasing circulation, thus speeding healing and reducing pain and inflammation. Magnets come in various forms for applications to different parts of the body. The magnetic power is measured in "gauss" and the greater the "gauss" the stronger the magnet.


    • Enhanced relief of discomfort and inflammation
    • Improved joint flexibility
    • Accelerated natural healing
    • Prevention of further injury
    • More restful sleep
    • General improvement in well-being
  • (Length: 45cm   Width: 10cm)