Slime Blaster Gun w/ Optional Refill Packs

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The Slime Blaster is another fantastic addition to your water fight arsenal. Forget soaking your friends in water, it's time to blast them with Slime! Simply add our magical pre-measured Slime Powder to your water tank, shake to create the Slime and get ready to fire! Each Slime Blaster comes with 12 x slime blaster sachets giving 200+ slime shots!


Item Weight 540 g
Package Dimensions 46.4 x 21.4 x 9.4 cm
Manufacturer recommended age:


Slime Blaster 30 Sachet Refill Pack     
- Each sachet contains 2g of pre-measured, green slime powder

- Simply fill the Slime Blaster tank up to the line with water, pour the slime powder into the tank of the gun, shake, then you’re ready to blast some slime!
- 30 x 2g sachets will provide over 500 slime shots

- Retail pack dimensions: W: 13.2cm x H:20cm x D:4.7cm



5 years and up