Sony SmartBand Activity Tracking Wristband SWR Limited Brazil Edition

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  • Tracks fitness and lifestyle
  • Works with Android Lifelog app
  • Wireless syncing via Bluetooth and NFC
  • Vibrates on incoming call or text
  • The Sony SWR10 SmartBand is the latest innovation in wearable technology. This intelligent wristband connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC and records everything you do day-to-day, such as calories burned, sleep quality, photos taken, memorable events and more.

    Log your activities

    Working with the Lifelog Android app (available on Google Play), the SmartBand SWR10 records daily physical, social, camera and music activities, allowing you to easily review them on a fun animated dashboard.

    This smart wristband is compatible with a range of Sony Xperia devices alongside many other Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

    The Sony SmartBand connects to your device via Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) with a generous range of 10 metres. If you get too far away from your device the wristband will vibrate. If you do find yourself out of range it will still save your information ready to send when you reconnect.

    Record your social life and fitness

    and the Lifelog app lets you see whether you've been driving, walking, cycling or using public transport each day. You can view steps taken and calories burned, and work towards a healthier lifestyle by setting yourself goals.

    also carefully measures your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best time by gently vibrating.

    The SmartBand SWR10 is much more advanced than other fitness bands, recording what photos you've taken, what music you've listened to and even much you've communicated with friends. SmartBand and Lifelog also make planning your days more convenient with useful information such as tomorrow's weather forecast.

    Designed for your lifestyle

    is designed to be worn at all times - it is waterproof, lightweight and customisable with different coloured wristbands.

    If you receive an incoming call or text message, SmartBand will vibrate to let you know.

    Capture those extra special moments with the Life Bookmark key on the smart wristband so everything going on in that moment can be recorded and remembered forever.

    You can even use the wristband as a remote control for music that's playing on your device, letting you play, pause and skip tracks.

    Log your day, every day with the Sony SWR10 SmartBand.