Stained Privacy Window Film - Mosaic & Floral Designs

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Provides privacy while allows the lights in, suitable for all smooth glass surfaces.

Non-adhesive and environmentally friendly design, avoids the release of chemical substances; Static adhesive, can be applied within a few minutes

The colours are visible on a sunny day and are natural during low light conditions.

The more water placed on the glass surface, the easier the attachment.On cold days, we suggest you spray enough warm water and use a hairdryer to soften the film before installation.
It retains heat in winter and keeps cool in summer, reduces heat transfer and blocks 96% of UV rays, protecting your skin from harmful radiation exposure as well as reducing the fading and ageing of furniture
It is made of high quality PVC and PET materials for flexibility and long lifespan, no residue after peeling. This film can be used repeatedly as often as you like,anytime you want to change a place,you can remove it and stick again

1. Keep window or glass clean and smooth.
2. Spray plenty soapy water to wet glass ,More Water More Easy Install.
3. Peel off the backing film.(There is a head start on peeling the backing away by providing a little tab, if you cut the roll to your shape(s), you can create your own little tab(s) with some adhesive tape.)
4. Set up film on glass.
5. Squeegee away water and air bubbles from one direction.
6. Cut off the margins.

Dimensions: 45*200cm
Material: PVC and PET