Stainless Steel Replacement Shower Hose

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Our shower hose is made from robust stainless steel, styled with a sleek chrome finish. The inner pipe is made of a non-toxic, odourless EPDM material, extremely skin-friendly, can handle high pressure, tensile resistance. Very durable but easy to clean and maintain 
Universal shower hose features an anti-kink design, preventing annoying water accumulation or premature wear and tear, and also ensure a perfect balance of strength and flexibility 
With a solid brass connector and 1/2" IPS, our replacement shower hose connections can fit most standard handheld showers. The design makes this a shiny metal, making it blends elegantly and timelessly into your bathroom ambience 
Come with 1 x mesh washer & 1 x normal washer, and combine with your favourite hand-held, diverter and bracket accessories to create a complete assembly. Elevates a simple décor to a luxurious style.
The shower hose is a length of 1.75m (69”), weighing 250g. This generous length lets you move freely around the shower, and the hose stretches when you need a few more inches

Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 175cm