Sunset Projection Lamp

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The base of this sunset lamp adopts a unique tripod design, which is stable and and adjustable, more functional than other's round base.

The led sunset projection can light you conveniently at the best angle and position when you take picture or video. Rotating the light can adjust the size and shape of the projector's night light ring.

Sunset Projector Lamp is made of customized high-transparency lens and a high-power luminous core which make the emitted light brighter and more saturated.

The energy-efficient, glare-free LED lamp has a long service life, soft light is not dazzling, and it is suitable for lighting in various spaces.

Connect to the USB interface and the colourful light will show up. The closer the distance, the brighter the light ; the greater the distance, the greater the projection that the sunset light can throw on the wall or ceiling.

The romantic view and deep colours change the vibe instantly, creating a perfect atmosphere for chilling alone or with your partner. It sets up in a moment like a lamp stand. Bring the romantic summer vibes into your room whenever you want to change the mood. You don’t need windows or a clear sky to enjoy the magical setting the sunset creates!

2 Options: Single Colour - Red Sunset or Multicolour (4 colours)

Material: ABS

Wire: 1m
D6.5 x H 24cm