Swap Drill Bit Set

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This drill bit, lets you hold TWO bits at once letting you INSTANTLY flip between them in 2 SECONDS. So you can switch from drilling holes to driving in the screws WITHOUT having to take the time to change ANYTHING!


These are a MUST HAVE for your toolbox. NO more stressing or HASSLE or holds ups to your work. Can be used for ANYcombinations and great for contractors, first time users, home use, or professional use.


it is a UNIVERSAL fit so you can simply use it with your current power drill. It's EASY  to use PLUS comes with a 19 piece set and FREE storage case
8 x Phillips Bits (2 each: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3)
8 x Flathead Bits (2 each: 1/8" 3.2mm, 5/32" 4mm, 3/16" 4.8mm, 1/4" 6.3mm)
2 x Countersink Bits ( 3/32" 2.4mm, 1/8" 3.2mm)
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Storage Case