Tap Faucet Water Filter

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Have instant filtered water from your tap with the Tap Faucet Water Filter

4 Tier filtration:

Tier one contains natural Zeolite ore. It can filter chlorine and other heavy metal impurities.

Tier two contains Calcium sulfate. Helps to absorb organic compounds, toxic metal ions, chlorine and harmful bacteria and viruses in the water.

Tier three contains activated Carbon. It helps to absorb chlorine, odours, and a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in water. 

Tier four contains a PVC non-woven filter layer. Helps to filter solids and visible impurities.

Material: Bamboo charcoal

Size: 60 x 30 x 45mm

Suitable for faucet diameter 15-20mm(0.6" x 0.8")

Expiration date, depending on the water hardness, it is recommended replacing the filter every 2 months.

1. Black water may flow through on fist use. Please run the tap for 5-10 seconds before every use.
2. Avoid prolonged use in hot water, optimal temperature is 50 degrees Celsius