Tomorrow's Kitchen Dry & Store

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The Dry & Store is a product that dries your salad greens, creates the optimum storage environment and is easy to clean. No more large salad spinners but a foldable cloth that does the same and even more! Attach the drying cloth to the waterproof exterior and bring them together in the middle followed by locking them together. Simply shake or even spin the salad in order the get the water out. Keep the loops together and keep it in an angle in order to drain the water out. Any salad left? Easily fold together and store in the refrigerator. Due to the waterproof exterior you create a micro environment in which your salad can be stored. The inside from the Dry & Store is made from a drying cloth with waffle pattern for extra absorption functionality.

  • Takes up little space
  • Dries your salad greens with a shake or spin
  • Keeps salad fresh in the refrigerator
  • Waterproof exterior keeps water inside