Torx Precision Screwdriver Set

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32 or 45-in-1 Torx Precision Screwdriver Set

32 Piece Bit set contains:
Philips: PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2
Slot/Flat: 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0
Torx: T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10, T15, T20
Hex: H1.5, H2.0, H2.5, H3.0, H3.5, H4.0
Tri-Point: 3.0
Triangle: 3.0
Spanner/"Snake Eyes": 2.6
Star: 2.0
Round/Reset/Eject Push: 1.0



1 x Screwdriver
1 x Tweezers



45 piece Torx Precision Screwdriver Set


- Come with 42 pcs multi size bits to fit almost phone in the market
- Point: 1.5
- CRV inner hexagon sleeve: M2.5, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M4.5, M5.0, M5.5
- Star model: 2.0(Split Pocket PCs, some Mobile phones)
- Triangle type: 2.0(Demolition of small household appliances)
- 1.0mm/ 1.5mm/ 2.0mm(PH00)/ 2.5mm(PH0)/ 3.5mm(PH2)
- -1.0mm/-1.5mm/-2.0mm/-2.5mm/-3.0mm/-3.5mm/-4.0mm(Precision electronic instrumentation dedicated, ultra-small 1.0 frames can be dismantled)
- Y Model: Y2.0, Y2.5 (Demolition GB, GBA, NSDL, WII, etc.)
- Plum hexagonal: T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20(Removable Mobile phones, Computers, the size of hard drives, Laptops, Shavers and other appliances)
- Hexagon: Metric H0.9mm, H1.3mm, H1.5mm, H2.0mm, H2.5mm, H3.0mm, H3.5mm, H4.0mm(Split model, Engine, Guns, Knives, Bicycles, Motorized car)



1 x Screwdriver
1 x Tweezers