Tourmaline Self-Heating 20 Magnetic Therapy - Lower Lumbar Waist Support Belt

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Self-heating Sports Safety is designed to prevent sports injuries, which can restrict a movement of the joint, reduce skin friction or to absorb the impact energy to achieve the protective purpose.
No need to spend money on disposable heat wraps. This Self heating Tourmaline belt slowly warms the lower back and waist, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and soothing pain. Does not require electricity or Microwave to produce heat Natural Heat Therapy
1. Heat:
Tourmaline beads are embedded into pads at the front and back of the belt which produce heat on contact with the skin. Tourmaline is a natural mineral which produces Far infrared rays and negative ions, which are very good for overall health as they increase circulation and enzyme activity which help to stimulate and detoxify the body. As an added benefit tourmaline may also help burn fat around the waist. The pads slowly start to heat the skin after approximately 5-20 minutes and can be moistened with a damp cloth or spray to produce more heat.
2. Magnetic:
There are 16 powerful neodymium magnets inside the belt, 10 at the back 6 at the front. Magnets are used in alternative Therapy to help relieve pain associated with joint and back problems by increasing blood flow to the area. Magnets also help balance the body's energy when worn near Chakra energy points.
3. Compression:
Neoprene provides excellent support and pressure to the lower back and can help correct bad posture. The belt is made of high quality neoprene with elastic side panels with 2 fully adjustable Velcro fastening straps on both sides, 3 Healing properties, Far Infrared Rays, Negative ion, Bio-electricity
Delivers continuous gentle warmth, designed specifically to ease lower back pain.
Penetration of heat relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow.
The increased blood flow helps wash away substances that cause pain.
Back pain can strike at any time with millions suffering.
Keep your back support handy for use when needed.
One Size.